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Not sure what Weathering Steel is? Then let us share with you everything we know about this durable building material.

What is Weathering Steel?

Weathering Steel (or Corten steel as it is sometimes known) is a group of steel alloys that are often used in outdoor building works. They were designed to eliminate the need for painting and if left outside, exposed to the weather, then they will develop a rusted appearance in as little as a few months.

Whilst you may think that rust is not something to hope for, in the case of weathering steel this oxidised dark brown coating actually protects the metal and stops any deeper rust penetration from causing damage.



The history of Weathering Steel

Back in 1930s the company U.S Steel developed a product that they named Corten Steel. It was originally designed to build railroad coal wagons; and after this it quickly became a popular material for outdoor art projects during the 1950s and 1960s.

In fact, you can still see some of the earliest examples of the beauty of weathering steel in sculptures and structures in America.

How is it made?

Weathering Steel is created by mixing up a particular combination of steels and alloys. It is this combination that creates the easy rusting properties and gives Corten Steel its recognisable look.

It is produced in a sheet form which is usually only ¼ inch thick. However, despite the thin nature, weathering steel is a strong and durable material.

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What is used for?

There are a variety of outdoor projects for which Weathering Steel is the chosen material. One of the most common uses has to be outdoor sculptures; this is because Weathering Steel will quickly develop its layer of rust, protecting the sculpture and giving it a weathered effect. Not only this but some bridges and other structures are made from Weathering Steel.

Smaller projects that this is used for include domestic gardens. It is often a chosen alternative when a concrete wall will not fit and would overwhelm the rest of your garden space.

Here at Logic Street and Park Furniture we have a number of items that feature weathering steel; including cycle hoops, tree grilles and planters for bushes and shrubs too. After all, we believe that a public space can still be a beautiful space.

So now you know more about weathering steel; you might want to check out some of our fantastic pieces of outdoor furniture, just so you can see what this material can create.

Weathering Steel – Naturally Weathered between 2-3 months



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