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Northumberland County Council identified the potential for the garden for use by the bereaved, before and after funerals and on returning to pay respects to departed relatives.  The paving layout represents rays of sunshine, instilling a sense of hope set within carefully designed plant palette for different areas of the garden, combining both lush and vibrant colours and textures with softer and calmer shades all set against the backdrop of a yew hedge.

Bespoke hardwood street furniture including pergolas, three seats and bins combined with stone flagging and golden coloured resin bound surfacing combine to provide a high-quality space for peace and quiet reflection.  Poetry panels have been incorporated, stimulating thoughts and offering comfort to visitors. The provocative verses were composed by County Durham poet Christopher Short.



Ulswater Hardwood Curved Seat

The ulswater curved seat is manufactured from chunky durable hardwood, FSC certified timber.

Widely used within NHS mental health scheams due to their robust design and hidden fixings.

Our client loved the seat and wanted text and graphics adding to personalise their seating area,

the garden of traquillity was a place for members of the public to sit and relax and take in the beautiful garden


Buttermere Hardwood Litter Bin

Complementing the seating and surrounding area the Buttermere hardwood litter bin blends into its surroundings.



Bespoke Entrance Pergola

The entrance pergola was designed for two main things, a gateway to the garden as well as a climber for nearby plants,

a very chunky design complements the other street furniture within the garden.


“GARDEN OF TRANQUILLITY” shown above is sandblasted & painted into a curved piece of tropical hardwood.

The timer is starting to turn its natural colour of silver.


Shown below is the seat when leaving Logic.

The colour of the seat below is yellow and orange, but this does not last long (Upto 6 months) as its natural dried

colour is silver like the images above. The side profile also shows the depth of the curve.

Ulswater Seat Logo End2

Bespoke Seat End Graphics – Sandblasted and painted with a rubber based paint that moves with the timber.


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